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Just an offer
archiesmom wrote in torchsong_09
I live in the Chicago area and will be attending Chicago Tardis, a Doctor Who con, this November.  Jonathan and Space Debris were there last year, and I presume will attend again.  If anyone is considering suing Space Debris for a reund, I would be glad to serve him with papers.  I don't plan on speaking to him or patronizing his booth, but if I can be of help to make sure that legal process is served properly, I'd certainly help you out.

BTW, Chicago Tardis is a blast, and is run very professionally in coordination with a company called Alien Entertainment.  They always have a great group of Who people, and this year have added Naoko Mori to the group as well.

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Hope you don't mind me going a little off topic here, but you seem familiar with the con, and I'm attending Chicago TARDIS this year, and I'm wondering if you know if they've set up a message board or a community similar to this. I've gotta find me a roommate, and I have no idea where to start!

And I was so excited to see Naoko added. At least I'll be able to meet another TW star. Barring accident/illness.

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Here's the link that should get you where you want to go -- it appears there's a Yahoo group that might help. But if all else fails, contact Jennifer Adams Kelley. She's a dynamo and I'm sure she'd have some suggestions. I hope you enjoy -- we went for the first time last year and really enjoyed ourselves!

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