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Photo Saga
Phoenix Rising
ganamor13 wrote in torchsong_09
Has anyone heard anything about the pictures. The last news was that they would be back on Aug 25. I sent all my information and still haven't gotten or heard anything. Wonder how much longer we are going to be expected to wait.

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I do know they are at Dragon Con this weekend. So I'm sure you are not going to get a reply till at least Tuesday. I'd keep bombarding the emails.

I got all of my hard copies but have yet to see the jpegs...

I just got my jpegs of Gareth this morning (after sending 20 emails). Mary Lee said she is mailing the hard copies today, so we'll see if she actually follows through.

Finally got my jpegs on Friday after sending a nasty e-mail. She said she was going to mail out the hard copies. I told them to lose my name after I got my pictures since I never want anything more to do with them and that I felt that they were incapable and crooks. I'll never attend anything they are involved with ever again.

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