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The Barrowman Experience: 2010
archiesmom wrote in torchsong_09
While at the Chicago Tardis convention in Chicago last month, I picked up a flyer for an event called "The Barrowman Experience: 2010." It is billed as a cabaret and convention in fall 2010. It appears to be produced by JGM Event LLC. For information, you can e-mail I guess this is the replacement event, although it appears that Space Debris has no connection. I have been unable to track down the production company. I'm going to see what's up, and thought I'd pass the info along, if anyone is still checking in.

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I've emailed Frank Kelly, they do not have a website up yet. He mentioned that if you went to Torchsong that you are automatically on their mailing list.

I have heard it mentioned that this event is run by MaryLee but not affiliated with Jonathon.

Frank advised that there will be emails sent out when things are confirmed.

Do they mention where it will be happening?

Has anyone heard of Frank Kelly or the organisation before? Would be nice to know who they are, what experience they have in running this sort of event and how Mary Lee is involved and whether she'll be fronting the con (assuming that Jonathan isn't).

(assuming that Jonathan isn't)

FWIW, I've been told by both Mary Lee and by Gavin's associate that Space Debris will not be involved with the "replacement Torchsong".

You perhaps need to know that this organisation have apparently jumped the gun a little and have been asked not to send out any more "teasers" for the time being. I understand it is a possible event in the fall 2010 but nowhere near being confirmed.

SpaceDebris will not be involved in any future event.

(You perhaps need to know that this organisation have apparently jumped the gun a little )

Can I ask where you got the above information from? Thanks.

Just joined this community because I heard about this event and want all the information.

I emailed Gavin Barker to find out more about this and he replied to me saying almost exactly what kingbantam has said, so I think that's where people are getting the info from. As kingbantam reported it's not even close to being confirmed.

Mary Lee was certainly more pleasant most of the time, but she's just as disorganized, IMHO.

And if we're all on their mailing list, then why haven't we all seen it? My accounts have not changed.

ANYHOW...all moot until something's official.

Thanks for the info.

It's not registered with the state of Illinois, so not an existing company (or just not registered - which does not raise confidence) there. With no website, I'm guessing it's a LLC created just for this and probably for Mary Lee to protect her own company from lawsuits/bad ratings with the BBB.

The company could I presume be registered in another state though?

Oh yes, LLC are state regulated. I also checked California, Florida, Delaware (no corp. tax) and New York for the hell of it - nada. I don't remember where MaryLee is based, but maybe it's in that state. You can check other states by going to each state's sec. of state section. They all should have LLC searches in them as it is public information.

Generally you register in the state you want to do business in as some states like California charge extra to do business in the state if you are registered elsewhere. I'm guessing it's still in IL as they gave out notices at Chicago Tardis.

I guess we'll see what's happening sooner or later.

I think that Holzheimer is a California company.

JGM = John, Gavin and Mary maybe??????

Thanks for the heads up. Many of us wouldn't have known about this otherwise, I bet. I'll be curious to see/hear more as it comes. Still smarting quite a bit from that whole Torchsong debacle.

I hadn't heard anything about this :(

Of course it wont take too much effort for them to exceed The John Barrowman Experience 2009
This is the first I've heard of it as well.
I'd have to think long and hard before spending a dime on it of MaryLee is still involved

Thanks for posting the info - I hadn't heard anything about it, and it's good to know that the "replacement" event is actually being worked on.

I will want to know - in writing - their policy regarding refunds if John should cancel again. If they have the good sense to put in writing that refunds would be issued, I'm likely to go to this.

Thanks for passing the info along!! I heard about this two or three days ago but nothing beyond the title! Could be interesting to see how this develops!

Thanks for the heads up. It's nice to know something is being worked on.


Beat me to the punch!

I grabbed the flyer but then I got super busy right after the con and didn't get a chance to post it.

(btw I was the Jack in the Masquerade, did I meet you during the weekend? I met so many ppl it's a blur!)

Cautiously optimistic. Assuming there's a firm and fair refund policy attached, I might be willing to do it.

Depends what you mean by firm and fair I suppose. I can't see it being any more generous(!) than last time, and it will probably be much more clearly worded around the possibility of John cancelling.

Lots of people got their money back last time through credit card chargebacks, and the cynic in me thinks that they'll do their best to stop that from being possible this time around.

Actually they didn't. A lot of people seem to have had the charges credited back to them initially and then that action reversed by their credit card companies once Spacedebris challenged. Various credit companies ascribed a huge amount of weight to the line "No refunds after March 2009" on the Torchsong website and didn't seem to pay much attention to the "services fundamentally not as described" argument. Spacedebris didn't have a leg to stand on legally when it came to refunding the additional photos/autos that people bought and people seemed to get that money back in relation to that only with no problem.

If they are naming the event "The Barrowman Experience" I would expect a policy which confirms absolute refunds in the event of his non-appearance on the grounds that you can't have a Barrowman Experience without John Barrowman.

If they're not prepared to go that far the policy should confirm their right to substitute guests in the event of non-appearance and confirm that all cabaret tickets (and the cabaret portion of any ticket package) would be refunded in the event of John's non-appearance - ditto any optional extras purchased prior to the event.

Basically policy upfront in writing prominently displayed so that if things do go wrong later - well caveat emptor.

While I did not attend the original Torchsong, I'll be interested to see if this turns into anything. John has said his concert tour will either be in the Spring or I think this info was a bit premature. (at least for now) It would be nice if something like this were to happen again. Perhaps I'll be able to attend this one.


..or possibly not until 2011 apparently. As ever all depends on scheduling.

Yup..2011 may be a better possibilty considering John's already filled schedule.


The thought of attending anything run by any member of SD scares me since I wouldn't trust any of them as far as I could throw them. I'll keep an eye out for information but I can't afford to be burned again.

Apparently SpaceDebris will not be involved n any future event.

If anyone who is involved with SpaceDebris is involved with this, doesn't it make you wonder if this "new" organization is just a new company that was started to take the name away from the event. In the past, groups that have screwed over people have just restarted using a new name.

I would expect Mary Lee to be involved but not Jonathan Harris although I will of course double check before I book anything. I am reasonably certain they don't intend to work with him again and I suspect he may not wish to be involved either, but as I said, I will be looking very closely at the details before I book for anything should something be formally announced.

I talked to Mary Lee at Dragon*Con this year and she had mentioned that something like this might be happening in the fall of 2010. Thanks for posting this so I can keep my eye out.

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