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genagirl wrote in torchsong_09
I see that those people have finally posted more photos. My friends haven't gotten theirs nor can they find the ones of them and Gareth in any of these batches.

It blows my mind that Jonathan out and out lied - saying that there was never any intention of having the photos ready at the convention! If not, why wouldn't they have some sort of systematic system in place for identifying and collecting them? Their plan all along was to screw around, lose things, have people email them with a description of themselves and then someone go through each photo trying to find "a tall, red-haired woman of 45, with glasses and wearing a black t-shirt that has a silver stripe on the left shoulder" - yeah, that's so much easier.

I have my photos and my refund for the cabaret so I am out of it but it makes my blood boil every time I hear mention of their names or see anything related to their shoddily run convention.


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I still don't have all my photos either, nor were the missing two in the batch they uploaded on Friday. I emailed them yet again to say they still haven't come up with my thumbnails, and have heard nothing back yet. It's infuriating.

I just hope people file complaints with the BBB and State Attorney General's office. It's the only way to get the word out how bad they are...and, at the least, try to protect people in the future.

I also had another thought last night, maybe if someone lives in either the Chicago area, where it was held or in Florida and California areas where Space Debris and Chez Lee are based, they could contact the local news stations that have those consumer help reporters. I would just LOVE to see a reporter confront them..maybe it would help get your money back..worse case, it would warn others not to have anything to do with these people.

Not a bad idea with the consumer reporters. It would be best, though, that someone with an outstanding dispute or problem contact them to help with a resolution, rather than just a complaint. If you're interested, try the Chicago Tribune problem solver at,0,5138570.columnist

Also, if you're in Florida where SD is, that's be a good idea as well.

Yup. I'm thinking that if some of you guys are having trouble with your credit card companies, then calling the consumer reporters might be a good way to try to get help. Especially if several of you could go to the same reporter.... Oh, I might PAY to see one of those TV reporters hunt confront them with all the facts!

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