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Finally got my pictures
Phoenix Rising
ganamor13 wrote in torchsong_09
Got the pictures in the mail today finally. I will never deal with these people again doesn't matter who the are sponsoring. In the future,I will probably do the cons in England. If you figure the cost of airfare, hotel, and tickets it comes to almost as much as a con here. I just got back from seeing La Cage, it brilliant, and found I spent almost as much as going to Chicago and then there was the wonderful shopping.

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Finally got my pics in the mail today, too. Very poor quality - much darker than the jpegs they sent me a couple weeks ago. I'll probably have to have them reprinted myself. I'm with you - never again with Holzheimer's or Space Debris or whatever they happen to be calling themselves at the time. Hope John has enough sense to stop letting them represent him.

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