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The Barrowman Experience: 2010
While at the Chicago Tardis convention in Chicago last month, I picked up a flyer for an event called "The Barrowman Experience: 2010." It is billed as a cabaret and convention in fall 2010. It appears to be produced by JGM Event LLC. For information, you can e-mail I guess this is the replacement event, although it appears that Space Debris has no connection. I have been unable to track down the production company. I'm going to see what's up, and thought I'd pass the info along, if anyone is still checking in.

Just an offer
I live in the Chicago area and will be attending Chicago Tardis, a Doctor Who con, this November.  Jonathan and Space Debris were there last year, and I presume will attend again.  If anyone is considering suing Space Debris for a reund, I would be glad to serve him with papers.  I don't plan on speaking to him or patronizing his booth, but if I can be of help to make sure that legal process is served properly, I'd certainly help you out.

BTW, Chicago Tardis is a blast, and is run very professionally in coordination with a company called Alien Entertainment.  They always have a great group of Who people, and this year have added Naoko Mori to the group as well.

Question for those who have received final refunds
My CC card is a Bank of America MasterCard. They have issued a final decision on my refund claim, in Space Debris's favour. While on the phone with them, they mentioned something about their bank's rules, and MasterCard vs. Visa rules.

For those of you who've received a permanent refund, was your card a MasterCard, or a Visa?

I see that those people have finally posted more photos. My friends haven't gotten theirs nor can they find the ones of them and Gareth in any of these batches.

It blows my mind that Jonathan out and out lied - saying that there was never any intention of having the photos ready at the convention! If not, why wouldn't they have some sort of systematic system in place for identifying and collecting them? Their plan all along was to screw around, lose things, have people email them with a description of themselves and then someone go through each photo trying to find "a tall, red-haired woman of 45, with glasses and wearing a black t-shirt that has a silver stripe on the left shoulder" - yeah, that's so much easier.

I have my photos and my refund for the cabaret so I am out of it but it makes my blood boil every time I hear mention of their names or see anything related to their shoddily run convention.


Finally got my pictures
Phoenix Rising
Got the pictures in the mail today finally. I will never deal with these people again doesn't matter who the are sponsoring. In the future,I will probably do the cons in England. If you figure the cost of airfare, hotel, and tickets it comes to almost as much as a con here. I just got back from seeing La Cage, it brilliant, and found I spent almost as much as going to Chicago and then there was the wonderful shopping.

Just wanted to share my pictures...
TW: Ianto: just out for coffee
I got the jpgs and hard copies of all of my photo-ops, finally, and I've got the Gareth ones uploaded to share.

With the Captain Jack pony.

Getting a hug!

Hope you all enjoy them. =)

How about a little fun?

Now that it's over we're mostly posting our dissapointments (and rightly so), so I shall give you a giggle.

credit card disputes - YOU CAN WIN !
OK. I just got off the phone with my credit card company  (Citibank) and they informed me they have issued a PERMANENT credit to me today.  I had initially got the paperwork back that Space Debris was, of course, disputing MY dispute, but a lovely lady from the Citibank billing disputes department actually listened to me and told me to re-dispute and be very specific that I was requesting a refund because "The services/event I paid for were no longer able to be supplied and/or delivered as promoted and promised'"

I sent them a copy of the original flyer "Come spend a weekend with J. Barrowman & special guests" along with a bunch of other things.. and viola!     FULL CREDIT!

They same would go for any pictures not received........Even if you got a "no can do" from your credit card company.... Send more documentation.  

Oh... I am so happy that the gentleman I spoke with said Citibank would NOT be dropping it.. and WOULD be going after Space Debris

If anyone needs the original flyer......or event schedule (showing all the things that John was scheduled to do), please let me know.  (Although, last time I checked, the schedule was still up on the website.

Photo Saga
Phoenix Rising
Has anyone heard anything about the pictures. The last news was that they would be back on Aug 25. I sent all my information and still haven't gotten or heard anything. Wonder how much longer we are going to be expected to wait.


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